What Kind of Service Does My Car Need?

By August 29, 2016Auto Repair News


Having your car serviced is part of owning a vehicle and while we might not want
to have to pay for it, we know that regular services are essential for the overall health of our
car. Preventative maintenance can lead to other problems being fixed before they end up costing us even more time and money.

Whether you use your car on a daily basis for short journeys to work, drive it infrequently for long
distances, or whether it’s merely a show piece that sits in the garage day in day out you will
need to get it serviced regularly to ensure that it’s in good working condition. This also helps keep your car sage to use and ready when you are.

There are 3 types of main services that our qualified certified mechanics can help with:

Intermediate Service Interval

This particular service is aimed at cars with high mileage, or those which require regular
checks. It’s ideally performed every 6 months between the annual service or at 15,000 miles.
All of the main moving parts that may need to be inspected over a short period of time, are
tested rigorously.

This test will give those who drive regularly for short journeys some peace of mind between
their annual service and spot any issues that could save time and money on the
annual service.

During the service our inspection includes check the brakes, transmission fluid, engine liquids, exhaust system and the battery is checked. We want to ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible and also check that the transmission is operating at its optimal performance. Along with the main inspection we check on the horn, air filter and tire inflation specs. Checking tread depth and air pressure is just as important. When was the last time you checked on your tires?

Minor (interim) Service Interval

This service is perhaps the most thorough yearly service available and consists of many
individual checks. It actually exceeds what checks manufacturers recommend you have for
your car and will ensure that your car is running smoothly and safely. Travel from point A to B and every stop in between knowing your car will not break down.

The checks involved in this service include the full range as shown in the intermediate
service interval. If you request a special check-up, please let one of our certified technicians help you diagnose the problem.

Major Service Interval

As well as covering all aspects of essential maintenance for your car, this service replaces
items which are regularly recommended for replacement every 2 years. The cost of which is
included in the service. This may mean that you save money in the long run.

Whether your car is your pride and joy or merely a vehicle that gets you to work and
back each day, regular servicing is the only way to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Don’t ruin your next road trip or daily commute by not maintaining your vehicle.

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