How Often Should I Get My Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Serviced?


When it comes to your vehicle, it’s easy and more convenient to convince yourself that you only need to take it to a garage, when there is an obvious problem; repairs can be costly enough, so why pay for someone to check it over if you don’t think there is anything wrong with it?

There is also a common worry among many car owners, that mechanics will ‘find’ a problem with their car, even where there is none, simply so that they can charge them for the so called ‘repairs’. Of course there may be some backstreet mechanics who operate like this, and nine times out of ten you won’t even know that the issue was fabricated as the average person doesn’t have enough working knowledge of mechanics to be able to tell, but no reputable garage will ever create problems where there are none.

Finding a reputable garage should be easy, especially if you ask around in the locality for the recommendations of others.

The reality is though, that the more often you can get your car checked over, the more chance you have of preventing a problem either before it occurs, or certainly before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Take air conditioning; regular servicing of your vehicles air conditioning is really important in order to ensure that the system continues to work effectively.

Why Should I Get My Vehicles Air Conditioning Serviced Regularly?

  • To top up its gas levels; up to 20% of the refrigerant gas is lost annually, and having it topped up regularly ensures that it meets the manufacturers recommended levels. Not only that, but if the refrigerant charge is low, it can mean that there isn’t enough oil in the system and this can lead to internal system damage and expensive repairs.
  • The cabin filter can easily become blocked with pollen and other particles present in the atmosphere; changing it regularly will help improve hygiene and the quality of the air.
  • Bacteria and fungi can also quickly build up within the air duct; having it cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis will help get rid of this and any nasty smells associated with its presence.
  • A regular service can help to prevent costly repairs being necessary, if left too long.

How often should I get the air conditioning serviced?

It’s recommended that your vehicles air conditioning be fully serviced every 18 months to a year.

How long will it take to service my vehicles air conditioning?

A full and thorough service of the car’s air conditioning, will typically take around an hour and a half to complete.

Should I purchase an air conditioning top up kit?

No, is the short answer! These kits can be harmful and the risk of injury is common. A qualified mechanic will remove all of the moisture and contaminants from the air conditioning system during the service and prior to topping up the gas; it will only take around half an hour to complete, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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