4 Reasons To Get Your Brakes Checked

By September 1, 2016General

There may be some glaringly obvious signs that your cars brakes need to be checked by a mechanic like if the brake light suddenly shows up on the dashboard or if your car takes longer to come to a stop than it should. There could be some other signs of indication with brake damage or wear too, and noticing any one of them means that you should get your car to a garage as soon as possible.

Faulty brakes are no joke and putting off a check-up because you fear the cost or the time that you’ll be without a vehicle really isn’t worth the risk of causing an accident and potentially harming yourself and others.

Here are 4 things that if they occur will give you good reason to get your car to a mechanic:

1) Pulling or tugging

You may have experienced that feeling when driving of your car almost wanting to go in a different direction to that which you’re going in. The car may feel as if it’s pulling you into a right hand turn when you’re simply driving along or when you apply the brakes. This may be a sign of an issue with your brakes and if not, then it still warrants a check-up with your local garage.

2. Brake discs are worn down

You’re probably more than aware of how your cars brake pads function and you can imagine how much they are put through during the life span of a car. They will always begin to wear thin which is pretty much inevitable if you use your car frequently. This goes on to make it much more difficult to come to a stop when braking. Checking your brake discs is actually quite simple and involves looking for the outer edge of the metal rotor from between the wheel spokes and then finding the brake pad ensconced between the caliper and the rotor. In general the pads should be at least the thickness of a quarter inch any thinner and you should definitely get them changed.

3. Vibrating pedal

Bringing a car to an emergency stop with antilock brakes gives out what are almost like pulses from the brake pedal as the system makes quick grabs at the rotor to bring the car to a halt. This is perfectly normal but if your car pulses in this manner when you’re simply driving and slowing down as usual then this could be a sign that you have a problem that needs fixing.

4. Loose or slack pedal

Worn brake pads could cause the pedal to go almost right to the floor before the brakes will work properly. If you find yourself really having to step down hard on the pedal while attempting to brake then there may be an obstruction or issue with the vacuum system. On the other hand a pedal that grabs at the brakes at the merest touch could mean that you need to get your brakes looked at too as this could mean that there is an air or brake fluid leak.

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