Why you shouldn’t buy used tires…

By July 21, 2017General



Looking to save a few bucks? Well, consider cutting back on expensive lattes and eating out before thinking about buying used tires. Buying used items is a great money saving tip, but when it comes to your vehicle’s tires you should never buy used. Trying to save a few bucks on used tires can be very costly in the long run and you can jeopardize your safety on the road. Learn why you shouldn’t buy used tires for your car or truck.

Buying used tires can be a real safety risk, and it’s not one we recommend taking. If you purchase used tires you are completely on your own after the purchase has been made. If a recall occurs with the type of tire, you wouldn’t be notified if you bought the tire used.

Even if the used tires you considered buying look safe and pass the penny test, you may not be able to see the internal damage caused from overloading, underinflated wear, and if the tire was on a vehicle involved in an accident. Unlike buying a used car or truck, there isn’t a report on tires that states if they were in an auto accident. There is very little quality control with used tires.

Another issue you should take into account is the unknown effects of aging for tires. Tires that are older than 5 years old shouldn’t be placed on your vehicle. Older tires have a weakened internal structure. You can check the age of your tire by looking at the last four numbers on the sidewall. For example, if the code is 4414 it means that the tires were made in the 44th week of 2014.

Having different tires on your vehicle is like a mismatched outfit, and pinstripes and plaid never look good together! Well, the same goes with mismatched tires. There are different tread patterns on tires and for the best handling of your car or truck; you need the tread to match. If you have different used tires the construction and age might not align either. Tires should match, just like your clothing choices.

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