Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Car

By March 23, 2018General
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Spring cleaning is usually associated with freshening your home and using a little extra elbow grease to make your windows and floors shine. Your vehicle deserves the same type of love, especially since travel season is in full force and you need to prepare your car for whatever journey you take next. To help you prepare for your next journey, here are four tips to help keep your ride clean:

  1. Clean your car vents
    • If left unattended, your vents can gather unwanted dust, which may affect the air quality of your car rides, as well as the hygiene of your ride. Use a small brush from your local hardware store to loosen dust. This simple step could help make your vehicle cleaner.
  2. Wash your floor mats
    • Floor mats receive daily wear and tear, from muddy soccer cleats, accidental spills, and rainy days to anything in between. An easy way to keep machine-washable floor mats, and your vehicle, looking clean is to spray with a stain remover before throwing them in the washing machine, making your life easier and your car cleaner.
  3. Polish your headlights
    • People usually forget about their headlights, but cleaning your headlights not only helps improve the safety of your nighttime drives, but also helps improve the overall appearance of your car.
  4. Premium Gas
    • Your engine is central in making sure you’re able to get where you’re going – it deserves fuel that will help it preform its best.

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