Taking Control Of Your Check Engine Light

By March 13, 2017General
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The check engine light is part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, which monitors the engine through various sensors. It will come on to alert you of a problem. However, this light is very board and can be switched on from different issues in the car. Thus, for this reason mechanics will use a computer to draw out the error codes the computer displays related to the check engine light. Here are a few examples of what can cause a check engine light to come on.

Gas Cap

Although a simple feature of a vehicle, a gas cap is vital. The gas cap plays a role in keeping gas from evaporating out the car. If the gas cap is damaged or not properly sealed, then the check engine light may come on.

Oxygen (O2) Sensors

It is quite common for mechanics to check the oxygen sensor of your vehicle for a check engine light. The oxygen sensor is key in measuring the amount of oxygen coming out of the exhaust in a combustion cycle. The sensor will report to the car computer whether or not it needs attention, because the sensor allows for the car to run as efficient as possible.


A car’s thermostat works similarly to a thermostat found in a house or building. It will monitor the temperature of the engine, and based off the temperatures read it regulates the flow of coolant. If you don’t change your coolant properly or at the frequency required by the manufacture, you can then has damage caused to the thermostat over time. Damage to the thermostat can cause overheating in your engine, which would trigger a check engine light.

There are many more examples of potential causes for a check engine light, which is why having a trusted mechanic or car shop is important to getting your check engine light taken care of. The Japanese Car Care 24-point car care inspection is a great way to cover a check engine light and other issues your car may be exposed to. Whenever you run into a check engine light feel free to contact us at Japanese Car Care.

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