Consumer Reports 2015 best used cars in the market between $10,000 to $25,0000

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It’s a misconception that buying or owning a used car drains your pocket book.  As a matter of fact in the first year a new car looses 20% of its purchase price.  After 3 years the not so new car  will be worth half the price you paid. When buying a used car you want to buy one that’s reliable, affordable, and equipped with modern safety features.  Our recommendation is to call your mechanic,  ask them about the car you are buying and then have the car inspected.  If you already own a used car most probably the car is paid for thus saving from the obligation of having to pay a car payment every month.

According to Consumer Reports these are the list of used cars to look for;

Under $10,000 is the Mazda 3 s (2008), Pontiac Vibe (2005-08)  and the Volkswagen Rabbit (2007-09).  In sedans the  Acura TL (2005),  Acura TSX (2005 ),  Toyota Avalon (2005), Hyundai Sonata 4-cyl. (2006-08), and  Kia Optima 4-cyl (2007-08).

In SUV’s are the  Honda CR-V (2005), Mitsubishi Outlander (2007), and  Honda Pilot (2005).

For the small cars under $15,000 are  Subaru Impreza (2010) and Kia Soul (2010-12) . Sedans are the Infiniti G35 (2006-07) and Acura RL (2005-06). For the SUV’s are  Acura MDX (2005-06) and Toyota Highlander V6 (2005-07)

Under 20,000 range the small cars are the Toyota Prius (2010-13), Hyundai Elantra (2013-14) and Honda Civic (2013-14).  For the sedans are  Honda Accord (2008-12), Toyota Camry (2010-12) and Lexus ES (2007-08)

For the SUV’s are the  Lexus RX (2006-08)and Toyota RAV4 (2009-11).

At last the $25,000 range of best used cars are Toyota Camry Hybrid (2012-13) and Infiniti M (2009).  For the SUV’s  are the Lexus GX (2006-07), Nissan Murano (2011-12) and Toyota Highlander Hybrid (2009).

With the national cost of car repair averaging $450.00 per year you can see why buying or owning a used car is a bang for your buck.

We have a saying at Japanese Car Care in Miami, “The dealers are in the business of selling cars, we are in the business of keeping them running for a long time”

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