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A number of things can cause brake pedal vibration, a potentially serious problem that can make it unsafe to drive your vehicle.  In this article, we’ll look at some of the more common reasons this issue occurs.  However, no matter what’s responsible for the pedal vibrating, the solution is the same.  Bring your car or truck into Brake Works right away for service.

1. Brake pad issues – If your pads are contaminated with oil, dirt, or other substances, then they can cause vibration when they grip the rotor.  This can also happen if the pads are warped, damaged, or excessively worn.

2. Brake disc issues – As discs go bad, they can make your brakes grab unevenly or, without warning, making the pedal shake.  A number of things can cause the discs to develop problems, including wear over time due to contact with the pads.  It’s important to always replace both discs, even if only one of them is causing the problem.

3. Alignment issues – If your vehicle is out of alignment, then you’re likely to notice pedal vibration when you step on the brakes.  Misalignment can also cause many other problems, such as rapid tire wear and damage to suspension components.  One way to test for alignment problems is to bring your car up to 50-60 mph on a straightaway when there’s no other traffic nearby.  Let go of the steering wheel for a brief moment and notice if the car immediately tries to go to the right or left.  If it does, then it likely needs to be realigned.  Get it to Brake Works immediately.

4. Worn suspension components – Ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, and other parts of your suspension system wear over time.  Any of these problems can easily cause brake problems.
If you’re experiencing brake pedal vibration, then don’t take chances with an unsafe vehicle.  Get your car or truck into Brake Works right away, and let our technicians correct the problem.  Your safety is too important to take chances with.

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