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November 26 2006,
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When your vehicle breaks down, your first instinct might be to open the phonebook or head online and look up a repair shop and call the first one you see. Unfortunately there are auto shops that will overcharge you, perform substandard work, and ultimately cost you more money, waste more of your time, and put you at the risk of having your car or truck break down again. To make sure you get the quality auto repair Miami residents require, you need at a price you can afford, follow these guidelines before you take your vehicle into the shop.

Call up your friends and neighbors and ask for a recommendation first.

The best way to find out if an auto repair shop will provide quality service is to get someone you know and trust to tell you. Most of the time someone you know has been in the exact position you are right now; consequently they have actually had their vehicle repaired and will know who you can trust and who you should avoid.

The best shops aren't always the closest...

When looking for auto repair Miami residents often choose the one that is as close to their home as possible. They may not want to pay extra costs for towing or they simply want to get their vehicle into the shop as quickly as possible; unfortunately close doesn't always mean the best. Don't be afraid to check with shops that are a few extra miles away and it will open up a lot more services for you to compare.

...and they aren't the largest, either.

It's also important to note that just because a shop is bigger doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Some of the best auto repair shops are small mom-and-pop operations. In small outfits you may even find that the owner is actually the one working on the cars yourself. This type of care will often get you better results and a higher level of customer service making the entire repair process as stress-free as possible. Look for shops that have been around for a long time. Five, ten or more years in business is usually a great indicator of a solid business.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Regardless of which repair company you set your eyes on, make sure you ask specific questions. Does the shop or mechanics have any certifications? Is there a warranty? If so, how much does it cover and for how long? Does the shop offer used parts to help reduce costs? Do they offer a Parts Promise so when they use new parts will your old parts be shown to you for peace of mind and are they the genuine or aftermarket?

Asking simple questions like that can help you get a decent feel for the company that you will be handing your keys over to. Always remember: if something seems "off", shady, or untrustworthy go with your intuition.

Choosing the Right Auto repair shop in Miami is a big job, At Japanese Car care we will put you at ease and show you what your vehicle needs at the right price to get you on the road again, Call us 305-262-0002 or Contact us online. Want to Save? Check out our Auto repair coupons and come see us the last Friday of every month for Free Oil Change Fridays!

Posted on: June 05, 2013