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Dealing with car brake noise

Like everything else automotive, an annoying noise can be one of the first signs that something is wrong, or it might mean nothing is amiss. It’s up to you to quickly figure out which. Keep in mind that in most cases, a persistent noise, even after the […]

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General Maintenance – Is Your Car Ready For A Road Trip?

Cars have numerous components that need maintenance to stay in good working order, so make sure to check these parts before you hit the road. Brake pads: Brake pads provide the friction needed to slow and stop your car. They wear away with use, becoming too thin to work effectively. […]

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Fluids – Is Your Car Ready For A Road Trip?

Fluids are the lifeblood of any car. Service intervals on your car’s six essential fluids usually depend on mileage, so consider how far you’ve driven since your last one, and how far you plan on driving on your trip, to decide what needs attention. Oil: You don’t need to be […]

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