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Stay Cool with a fully functioning A/C system

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t doing its job, we can help. Whether you have an older or newer model vehicle, our full-service air conditioning repair facility can help keep you cool — even in the hot summer months.

Does Your Air Conditioning System Need Service

  • Blows hot air from the vents, though you have the dial on cold
  • The air doesn’t feel as cold as it used to
  • Randomly blows colder than you indicated
  • It makes loud noises

Our certified technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system and provide a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated repair cost, whether it’s a simple A/C recharge or a new air conditioning compressor.

A/C Service

Visually inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage visually inspect accessible components for leaks or damage, check the operation of the air conditioning compressor and other air conditioning components, recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant to the system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications with dye.

*Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as specified in the service guide will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by the lack of maintenance.

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